Brands averages a sales lift of more than $6 for every $1 spent on radio ads

Brands averages a sales lift of more than $6 for every $1 spent on radio ads

Rapid Rooter Brand Identity and Social Media Activation

Rapid Rooter Brand Identity and Social Media Activation

Music events engage with consumers & offer brand exposure

Music events engage with consumers & offer brand exposure

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How We Do It


On Air Radio
ONAIRRADIO1Radio reaches over 93% of Americans age 12+ every week.

Great radio commercials create a “theater of the mind,” where consumers bring the sounds and messages to life in their imagination.

For decades, businesses have relied on commercial radio to broadcast their message to millions of consumers to engage listeners and motivate action.

Radio commercials are available in multiple lengths including 60, 30, 15, 10, and 5-seconds.

Personality Endorsements
PERSONALITY-ENDORSEMENTSRadio personalities are often local heroes and celebrities in their markets. They have a relationship with their fans that is authentic and credible.

Airing live and/or pre-recorded commercials featuring engaging on-air personalities weaves a sponsor’s message into the fiber and programming of the station.

Testimonials from prominent personalities powerfully transfer credibility and trust to an advertiser’s marketing campaign.

Internet Radio
internet-radioInternet radio is the fastest growing segment of the radio industry.

Online listeners across desktop, laptop, and mobile applications tend to be among the most loyal, tech savvy and responsive.

Internet radio is consumed at the “point of purchase” as consumers are just a mouse click away from a client’s website, a search engine, or their favorite social media site.

Cause Marketing Campaigns
cause-marketingCause marketing-focused on local communities, the environment, or initiatives provides advertisers with a connection to customers.

A campaign tied to a specific cause or community/environmental initiative provides a company with an opportunity to leverage the relationship and share the benefits with a like-minded audience.

Feature Sponsorships
feature-sponsorshipsSponsorship features-including news, weather, traffic, and sports-highlights an advertiser’s business and provide additional media weight to a campaign.

Feature sponsorships can also include specialty programs such as local music, sports highlights, or Wall Street closing reports.

Contests and Promotions
contestsOn-air contests and promotions are a proven staple of radio marketing reinforcing an advertiser’s objective to a highly engaged listener.

Contests are a great way to create additional exposure and excitement for advertisers’ products or offerings.

Naming Rights
namingProvides an advertiser a positive association with a core station asset.

Can include show or feature names, studio sponsorships, live performance areas and stage sponsorships at events.

Provide the sponsor valuable exposure every time the asset is mentioned or referred to on air or online.


Display Ads
displayRich media display ads add visual recall and ROI to a traditional campaign.

Display ads are prominently featured on our websites in a variety of universal sizes, including 728×90, 300×100, and 300×250.

Video Pre-Rolls
videoRich media display ads add visual recall and ROI to a traditional campaign.

Display ads are prominently featured on our websites in a variety of universal sizes, including 728×90, 300×100, and 300×250.

Rich Media/Walk-On Video
richRich media ads including corner peel, banner link and video ads like “walk-on” or “disruptive” video ads, launch on a radio station website page and bring additional attention and excitement to an advertiser’s message.

Rich media walk-on videos are interactive, clickable and can include people, station personalities, vehicles, and more to engage the audience and encourage consumers to click to find out more.

Micro Sites/Landing Pages
micrositeCreative, client branded websites and web pages enhance an advertiser’s marketing message by providing information, videos and content specifically designed to activate the targeted demographic for the campaign.
Website Takeovers
takeover-imageDaily and hourly takeovers of radio station websites can include static banner ads, visual takeovers, side bars and more to powerfully reinforce an advertiser’s message.

Website takeovers provide an online roadblock that literally “takeover” a webpage. Visitors are inundated with an advertiser’s marketing message during a specific timeframe reinforcing an advertiser’s campaign and motivating them to take action.

Engagement & Activation

Social Media Activation
socialRadio activates consumer engagement to promote an advertiser’s social media strategy.

Effective radio campaigns can drive consumers to “like,” follow and engage with an advertiser on their social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more.

Social media campaigns can be activated with marketing solutions and integrated campaigns that support existing Facebook contests and promotions.

Mobile / Text Programs
textCombining an on-air campaign with Entercom’s texting network can dynamically build an advertiser’s database.

Text-to-win drive consumers into retail locations to get a text code and enter to win prizes and redeem special offers.

Advertisers can engage with consumers by sending bounce-back messages with information, links, and advertising messages.

Text alerts can be used to build a text database, share information and to send daily / weekly /monthly information, tips, special offers, or coupons. They create an ongoing dialogue with consumers.

Direct To Consumer Email
directEffective vehicle for targeted special offers.

Zoned emails provide accurate targeting geographically, psychographically, and demographically.

A dynamic offer linked directly to client’s web page or point-of-purchase site.

Optimized for both desktop and mobile recipients.

surveyEntercom can execute timely research on consumer behaviors for advertisers looking to identify brand perceptions and preferences within a targeted group.

Provides insight on purchase habits, spending patterns, consumer behavior, and more.

Survey results provide real-time, relevant information.

Social Commerce - PERKS
perksGet My Perks is a cashless marketing opportunity that provides a return on investment with a revenue share arrangement. Program provides restaurants, events, retailers, and services with an integrated platform designed to sell and promote their products and services to consumers ready to buy.


eventsWe plan, participate, and execute large and small targeted events that provide clients with opportunities to engage with consumers, sample, or demonstrate and expose a product or service in their local community.
Street Team Marketing
street-teamStreet team marketing gets maximum results by using guerilla marketing techniques to meet and engage with consumers in unconventional ways.

Street team marketing includes sampling, couponing, signage, promotions, and more.

Appearances / Live Broadcasts
personalityEntercom radio celebrities make appearances at local events such as store openings, product releases, retail locations, and more and can include live remote broadcasts from specific locations.

These station and personality appearances ignite ‘buzz’ and motivate existing and new consumers to visit a location.

In Retail Promotions
in-retailDrive traffic to retail locations at a specific time for a specific purpose. Whether its a grand opening, a meet-and-greet with a station personality, or the opportunity to win a great prize.

A great driver of incremental foot traffic.

In-retail signage and point-of-purchase displays are a great way to round out a traditional media campaign. The signage acts as another point-of-contact with consumers reinforcing an advertiser’s campaign right at the cash register when consumers are poised to purchase.

Contests and Promotions
contestsOn-air contests and promotions are a proven staple of radio marketing reinforcing an advertiser’s objective to a highly engaged listener.

Contests are a great way to create additional exposure and excitement for advertisers’ products or offerings.

Entercom Original Programs

Entercom Radio Takeover Series
Entercom has unique access to some of music’s biggest artists and we share this backstage pass with our fans and select advertisers.

The Entercom Radio Takeover Series invites our listeners to join us for one hour as superstar artists take over our stations’ airwaves and websites with an exclusive, unique, intimate conversation, exciting new music, commentary and unreleased live material.

Additional videos, photos, and the entire one hour takeover is also available to fans “on demand” across all station websites.

Past Rock Takeovers include Godsmack, Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Past Contemporary Takeovers include: Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars

Past Country Takeovers include Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Reba McIntyre, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley

Entercom Sing Like Series
Entercom’s Sing Like series is a unique integrated programming and media platform that engages listeners and sponsors with compelling on air and online entertainment.

Entercom partners with superstar artists like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Lady Antebellum to invite aspiring singers to Sing Like the featured artist.

Propelled by the combination of radio and social media, audience and fans vote on their favorite. The prizes include once-in-a-lifetime musical experiences and prizes that money can’t buy.

The Sing Like series is designed to connect a select sponsor directly to a superstar musical artists providing a priceless association.

The artist, Entercom programming and our on-air talent support the program at all levels, resulting in outstanding audience response and engagement.

Past Sing Like artists have included Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Kenny Chesney, John Mayer, Lady Antebellum.

Sustainability is a critical issue in our world today. Entercom created the 1Thing program to inspire and educate listeners and consumers about how they personally can make a difference.

Entercom’s 1Thing initiative encourages all of us to change just one thing in our life.

Each year, Entercom stations across the united States partner with like minded companies to support this environmental and sustainability initiative, on-air, online, and on site.

What's 4 Dinner / Dinner With
Eighty percent of Americans do not know what they are having for dinner tonight. This program is designed to help them decide by suggesting recipes, meals, and directing them to specific retail locations.

Opt-in “foodies” receive dinner suggestions by email everyday from their favorite radio station for free while all listeners hear the suggestions on-air everyday during the 5PM hour.

Serving wine with dinner? Let us recommend the perfect wine to go with your meal.


We are an interactive, intimate, and ubiquitous medium that creates fans of its brands.

We’re here for our fans and our advertisers.

We entertain 1.5 million fans every week. We want your business to explode by developing a relationship with our fans. We work with our advertisers to develop strategic, creative campaigns that foster interactive conversations with our fans that ultimately turn in to your loyal customers.

It’s in our DNA to put client success first. So whether you want to build brand awareness, increase traffic, boost sales, or develop online / social media engagement…we have the expertise to deliver.

Because at Entercom Sacramento we are passionately committed to our fans and our advertisers brands.

Read on for more on how we do it.

What We Do

Have you ever noticed that there aren’t any people walking around town wearing Facebook t-shirts and nobody wants Sacramento Bee bumper stickers?

Radio is a uniquely personal medium. We touch our listeners so powerfully that we literally become a part of how they identify themselves. Our listeners become fans of our brands…so much so, they wear us on their shirts, put us on their cars and take us to work. Because our listeners become fans of our brands, they allow us to reach them not only on the air, but on their smartphones, through text and e-mail and even Facebook and Twitter. More than 3,000,000 times in the last year alone. We are an interactive, intimate, and ubiquitous medium.

Our Assets

The legendary advertising man David Ogilvy has often been quoted as saying, “At the end of the day all of our capital assets go down the elevator.”

And he was certainly right. The quality of your marketing campaign is going to be directly impacted by the quality of the people working on it. We’ve assembled what we believe to be Sacramento’s best media marketing minds. From developing sound business and marketing strategy to breakthrough creative, we’ve got the expertise to help you grow.


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